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IPSA Luminizing Clay JAN:4931449432519

IPSA Luminizing Clay JAN:4931449432519

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A clay-like massage mask that quickly adjusts the texture to easily reflect light with its high adsorption cleansing and moisturizing effects.

Use once or twice a week to thoroughly remove unnecessary stratum corneum and dirt from deep within pores, leading to soft, translucent skin.
A 2-way* type that can be used according to your skin condition and the amount of time you can spend on care.
*Can be used on both dry and wet skin

<How to use>
2-way usage: Use on dry skin for those who want to remove unnecessary dirt and skin slowly and thoroughly, and those who want to clean it easily in the bathroom. For those who have wet skin, you can use it properly according to the skin condition and the time you can spend on care.


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