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Elixir Superieur Moist In Cleanse JAN: 4909978989347

Elixir Superieur Moist In Cleanse JAN: 4909978989347

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Prevents "dryness after bathing" and moisturizing face wash Aging care * Face wash that prevents "drying out after bathing" and keeps moisture.
Focusing on "dryness after bathing", which causes your skin to dry quickly if you can't apply moisturizing care immediately after taking a bath. Removes dirt from the skin without interfering with the skin's barrier function. For radiant skin that continues to be moisturized.
It also removes makeup at the same time.
Fragrance of orange floral.

* Moisturizing care according to age

Compatible with eyelash extensions: Can be used for eyelash extensions using general glue (cyanoacrylate).

JAN: 4909978989347

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