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Elixir White Cleansing Foam 145g [Quasi-drug] JAN:4901872646531

Elixir White Cleansing Foam 145g [Quasi-drug] JAN:4901872646531

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Product introduction Removes the cause of skin turbidity with a foam containing rough skin prevention ingredients.
Removes unnecessary stratum corneum containing melanin and supports skin rebirth.
Prevents rough skin caused by UV rays*.
Rinse so that the next cosmetics can be used easily.
Contains cleansing granules that are gentle on the skin.
* Glycyrrhizinate (medicinal rough skin prevention ingredient)

Raw materials/ingredients Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate*, water-soluble collagen (F), purified water, myristic acid, concentrated glycerin, stearic acid, potassium hydroxide, sorbitol solution, dipropylene glycol, polyethylene glycol 1500, lauric acid, polyoxyethylene isostearate Glyceryl, ethylene glycol distearate, self-emulsifying glyceryl monostearate, sodium methyl taurate cocoate, crystalline cellulose, l-menthol, disodium edetate, talc, acrylamide/acrylic acid/dimethyldiallylammonium chloride copolymer liquid, ethyl cellulose , L-ascorbyl magnesium phosphate, sodium hyaluronate (2), fragrance, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide

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