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Tape L size] Moony Air Fit Diaper (9~14kg) 54 sheets

Tape L size] Moony Air Fit Diaper (9~14kg) 54 sheets

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Product Introduction ● “Air Silky” Gently wraps baby skin.
● "Absorptive body that is safe until the morning" Even if you use it for a long time, your buttocks will be dry.
● "Full ventilation" prevents stuffiness and keeps your skin dry.
● "360-degree stretched fit" The sides are stretched for a comfortable fit and won't constrict your stomach.
● "Back leak prevention gathers" fits snugly around the waist to prevent leaks.
● "Block gathers around the foot" securely guards loose poo.
● "Notice line" You can see at a glance when to replace.
● "Baby Pooh Design" Winnie the Pooh changes his style and pose as he grows.

Note (Disclaimer) > Please read [About the product] ・The product, package specifications, prescription, etc. may change without prior notice due to renewal, etc. [Disclaimer about images] ・Due to the nature of images and screens, actual colors may differ. Thank you for your understanding.・Keep out of reach of infants.

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