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Senka Cleansing Senka All Clear Oil 230ml

Senka Cleansing Senka All Clear Oil 230ml

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Elimination of dullness risk* A makeup remover oil that clears blackheads and wastes, and cleanses and purifies not only makeup stains, but also the "dullness risk*" that has accumulated without your knowledge.
Oil containing rice bran oil (cleaning ingredient) removes even waterproof mascara.
Formulated with naturally-derived silk essence** and double hyaluronic acid*** to protect the skin's moisture.

*Blackheads, waste products, etc.
** Sericin, hydrolyzed silk, glycerin (moisturizing)
*** Acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, hyaluronic acid Na (moisturizing)

Compatible with eyelash extensions: Can be used for eyelash extensions using general glue (cyanoacrylate).

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