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d program acne care lotion emulsion set yellow

d program acne care lotion emulsion set yellow

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Focusing on lotion-beautifying fungi that leads to smooth and beautiful skin while preventing pimples on adult skin. Equipped with beauty biotechnology*.
I am prone to pimples and pimples. For skin that tends to be rough.
Plenty of moisture penetrates into the stratum corneum. A lotion that prevents pimples and leads to smooth and beautiful skin.
Penetrates deep into the stratum corneum, moisturizes and refines the texture, leading to beautiful skin.

*Yeast extract, glycerin/moisturizing

●Contains carefully selected ingredients, clean manufacturing method ●Paraben (preservative) free, alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free ●Fragrance free, coloring free, weakly acidic ●Hypoallergenic design. Patch tested with the cooperation of those with sensitive skin**
- Stinging tested**
** Not all people will experience allergies or skin irritation.

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