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d program whitening clear lotion MB refill white

d program whitening clear lotion MB refill white

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A whitening lotion that focuses on skin-beautifying fungi that leads to moist, fresh, bright, and transparent skin. Equipped with beauty biotechnology*.
To prevent spots and freckles, acne and rough skin that tend to turn red.
A whitening lotion** that delivers plenty of moisture to the stratum corneum and leads to fresh, bright, transparent skin.
By moisturizing and keeping the skin healthy, it supports the rebirth of the skin containing melanin.

*Yeast extract, glycerin/moisturizing
**Whitening means suppressing the production of melanin and preventing spots and freckles.

●Contains carefully selected ingredients, clean manufacturing method ●Paraben (preservative) free, alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free ●Fragrance free, coloring free, weakly acidic ●Hypoallergenic design. Patch tested with the cooperation of those with sensitive skin***
- Stinging tested***
*** Not all people will experience allergies or skin irritation.

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