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Revital Moisturizer EX 100ml

Revital Moisturizer EX 100ml

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A medicated emulsion that leads to skin that feels firm and supple. Penetrates quickly to every corner of the skin (stratum corneum) and maintains moisture.
Cares for skin changes that affect the impression of the entire face and gives it a bouncy firmness.
Formulated with kasumunal extract G*
Contains 3D Amino Acid Complex M**
Prevents skin damage (rough skin) caused by daily UV rays and dryness, leading to plump and smooth skin.
It prepares a moist environment and nurtures and maintains a smooth and transparent stratum corneum.

*Zingiberka Sumnal Root Extract, Glycerin: Moisturizing
**Arginine, Thiotaurine, Glycerin: Moisturizing

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