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Revital Retinoscience Lotion AA

Revital Retinoscience Lotion AA

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A medicated lotion containing retinol capsules that gives the skin firmness and suppleness.
A medicated lotion containing retinol capsules that gives skin that needs a high level of elasticity and suppleness.
○ Medicinal active ingredients wrapped in tiny capsules penetrate to every corner of the skin (stratum corneum), preventing skin damage (rough skin) caused by daily UV rays and dryness. Formulated with the medicinal active ingredient "retinol acetate" ○ It works on skin that is prone to aging and leads to a lively impression. The skin (stratum corneum) is filled with a supple and supple feeling that is plump from the inside. Skin protection complex ingredient "Collagen Breeder" formulation (saccharomyces culture lysate, marine collagen, hydroxyproline, glycerin)
○ Quickly loosens skin that tends to be stiff and leads to soft and bouncy skin. From the moment you apply it, you can feel the smoothness of your skin as if it has been reborn, and the texture that feels like it will stick to your skin. "Vital up prescription"

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