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Senka Junpaku Senka Suppin Pure White Cream 100g

Senka Junpaku Senka Suppin Pure White Cream 100g

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Slightly toned up. A brightening all-in-one cream that contains skincare powder for a slightly brighter look. An all-in-one product that suppresses melanin production and prevents dark spots and freckles.
1 product with 5 roles: lotion, milky lotion, serum, cream, tone-up effect.

・Active whitening and anti-roughness ingredient: m-tranexamic acid (tranexamic acid)
・Naturally derived beauty ingredients Rice bran, honey, white cocoon essence: rice germ oil, honey, sericin, hydrolyzed silk, glycerin (moisturizer)
・White pearl extract: hydrolyzed conchiolin, glycerin (moisturizer)
・W hyaluronic acid: Acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, hyaluronic acid Na (moisturizing)

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